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Corporate Disputes

Unsolved corporate disputes usually have a negative impact on the overall business of a company. Professional support in countering corporate disputes and solving them is an investment providing possibility of further and sustainable development.


A team of experts in RKKW Law Firm is not only a group of highly qualified litigators, but also consists of specialists in company law and the law of capital markets. Combination of practical skills and expert business knowledge ensures our clients the possibility to achieve business objectives they have set. Individual approach to each case, taking into consideration specific relations between the partners, as well as unique diligence in implementing appropriate preventive measures are what makes us stand out.


We provide strategic, comprehensive assistance – offered both to companies, as well as to (majority and minority) shareholders. We have gained an extensive experience in such actions as challenging and defending resolutions, managing registration procedures and proceedings before administrative authorities, also acting as representation in disputes related to liability of members of the corporate governing bodies.

Infrastructure and Construction

We offer comprehensive legal advice in the field of construction law, public procurement law and dispute resolution. Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing comprehensive advice to participants in the investment process in the implementation of infrastructure, construction and industrial projects, as well as in complex construction disputes requiring specialist opinions of experts and court experts. We represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings and before the National Appeals Chamber.

We advise investors, general contractors and subcontractors implementing linear and cubature investments. We have experience in the implementation of investments such as motorways, expressways, ring roads, sports, energy and industrial facilities. For many years, we have been successfully advising clients from the industrial automation, refrigeration and heating, energy sectors, manufacturers of early ice detection systems on roads, highways and airports, manufacturers of road safety devices, manufacturers and integrators of anti-drone systems, autonomous drone systems, ground radars and entities from the oil and gas sector.

We advise on strategic and cross-border projects concerning the construction and operation of critical energy infrastructure related to national security (energy transmission networks and gas pipelines with accompanying infrastructure).

Our advice includes the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts, including in particular contracts for construction works based on FIDIC contract conditions, preparation of claims under FIDIC, lawsuits, appeals to the National Appeals Chamber and other means of appeal. We provide legal assistance in the preparation, analysis and negotiation of sales, delivery and installation contracts for modern building automation systems.

We have extensive experience in projects requiring advanced technical knowledge, where technological aspects are of key importance. We cooperate with engineers and designers involved in infrastructure processes.

Litigation and Arbitration

Efficient management of court and administrative procedures requires continuous expansion of expert knowledge and attention to the smallest details. Acting with that approach, we represent the Clients in proceedings before common courts of all instances, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court as well as the Supreme Court.


Management of court and administrative procedures is far more than just representation in a courtroom. It also refers to the necessity to complete a series of complex formalities in due time and conduct many strategic analyses which often require expert knowledge and experience.


Our Clients are provided by us with a thorough and strategic assistance. A profound and multifaceted analysis of the case precedes commencement of any action. Our advisory services start when legal problem arises and continue until its final solution is reached and the Client’s rights are efficiently enforced. We provide support at the stage of preparation for the courtroom battle and in selecting appropriate legal measures, ensuring their effective use.

Company Law

Operation of commercial companies and partnerships is a broad and highly complex process. In order to achieve full range of their business goals, companies need consultancy from experienced professionals. Only such consulting can guarantee the sense of legal protection.


Owing to our long-term experience and continually expanded professional knowledge, we provide commercial companies and partnerships with professional service. A team of partners and associates of our Firm are fully committed to each case we manage, remaining at the Client’s disposal at any stage of the company’s operations. The services we offer range from the assistance in selection of the most optimum form of entrepreneurship, through ongoing consulting services during the company’s operations to possible conclusion of business activities.


Excellent knowledge of business reality makes it easier for us to understand our Clients’ needs and expectations. Combination of continually improved expert and business knowledge allows us to offer assistance tailored to the character of conducted activity and market conditions.

Private Client and Private Wealth Law

Clients of our Law Firm are provided with professional assistance also in private matters. Both our Clients and also members of their families are supported by us within the broadly defined civil law, including the family law and other branches of the law, depending on a specific character of each case.


The area we specialise in the most is business succession along with all legal aspects related to secure transfer of business activity or partnership to members of the family. Sufficiently early implementation of succession operations allows family businesses to obtain such options as protection of private property which was built for years, further development, maintaining key personnel and protection of professional image. Lack of appropriate care of legal aspects related to transfer of a family business may even lead to its collapse.


Our Clients are supported in working our efficient solutions in order to transfer the company in a secure way and to ensure its further sustainable development.


The above includes, among other things, working on succession using the institution of a family foundation. The establishment of such a foundation is a multi-stage process that must be carefully planned to anticipate possible scenarios and exclude possible risks and disputes. For this reason, we offer comprehensive support not only for the establishment and registration of a family foundation, already at the stage of preparation for this process. We advise clients on determining the circle of beneficiaries of the family foundation, the goals of the family foundation, the benefits for the beneficiaries and the rules for their fulfillment by the family foundation, and, above all, the assets to be structured optimally from the perspective of operations and public law burdens.


Merger and acquisition transactions (M&A) are complicated and often long-lasting undertakings of an immense business importance. Support from experts saves time and capital. It also significantly reduces the risk of error.


Smooth and safe handling of an M&A transaction requires perfect professional preparation and client-oriented approach with full involvement. This is the manner in which we provide our services – also in case of foreign acquisitions, so as to meet expectations of our business clients. Excellent knowledge of the nature of our Client’s operations and accurate identification of business expectations towards the transaction are the key issues we focus on.


We target our services to private investors as well as investment funds and corporate groups, both on the level of stock exchange transactions and Private Equity-type investments. We offer assistance to sellers and buyers. We provide comprehensive advice at each stage of the process – from pre-trade preparation of the company or assets to closing the transaction.

Intellectual Property

We provide consulting in respect of broadly defined intellectual property rights. Professional support is offered by us to entrepreneurs who require protection in the field of industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs) as well as copyrights. Other key elements of the legal assistance we provide are: consultancy services in combating unfair competition, personal data protection or protection of personal rights.


Our Clients are provided with effective support at all stages of the case. We assume representation both in cases where a violation of law has already taken place and we assist in formulating effective prevention measures against it.


It is the attention to every aspect in cases related to intellectual property rights that sets us apart. Our Clients are provided not only with explanation how to protect their rights, but also how to avoid unintentional infringement of other entities’ rights.

Real Estate

We ensure professional advice in real property trade and investment processes. Our Clients are assisted by us from the stage of investment strategy development up to its effective completion and settlement of undertaken investment assumptions.


Our team’s reach experience enables us to provide efficient support of investment processes and real property transactions. We have successfully assisted the Clients through multi-million investment processes on numerous occasions.


We provide assistance in purchasing individual properties as well as for example all real property portfolios. We also support Clients in housing and office investment processes, providing comprehensive advice already at the stage of negotiations. Again, we draw up reliable, multifaceted legal opinions for the purpose of purchasing or financing real properties, with which our Clients acquire valuable knowledge on not only legal but also market-related aspects of the investment.


Advising in cases related to legal aspects of urban and spatial planning also constitutes an important element of our offer. We also conduct broadly-defined administrative proceedings in the context of the investment process.

Capital Markets and Financial Institutions

We offer complete legal services to entities operating in capital market sector. Our legal advisory services are addressed for instance to investment funds, investment fund societies and investment firms, including also those operating in new technologies sector (FinTech).


RKKW Law Firm experts are distinguished by a long-term practical experience covering services provided to supervised entities, including investment fund societies, investment funds, alternative investment companies (ASI and ZASI), investment firms and cooperating entities, i.e. banks and payment institutions.


Thanks to extensive experience and perfect knowledge of the mechanisms regulating the capital market, we provide support in legal and business aspects.

White – Collar Crimes and Compliance

We provide assistance in the broadly understood criminal business law, including in particular the area of the so-called white collar crimes. We offer professional support in cases related to widely defined financial turnover and criminal liability of members of the governing bodies in companies.


Each case is analysed by us on many levels, taking the advantage of the well-grounded knowledge of our experts specialising in mechanisms regulating the capital market. We provide advisory services in the event of crisis situations and we offer risk assessment analysis of a business venture already before its commencement. Our expertise shows that with the assistance provided by experts at a sufficiently early stage, there is a realistic possibility to reduce the risk significantly.


We support Clients who are charged for example with manipulating financial instruments, money laundering, using or disclosing confidential information and VAT fraud offences. Every case we undertake to manage, is regarded by us individually, and before we proceed with any actions, we perform an exhaustive analysis of criminal and penal-fiscal aspects.

Competition and Antitrust

Facing dynamic development of entrepreneurship, broadly defined antitrust law and protection of competition and consumer protection are issues of increasing practical significance. Within this sphere, we offer multifaceted legal advice, also covering implementation of appropriate preventive measures.


We perform all-encompassing assessment of our Clients’ business activities. We undertake precise identification of the risk of infringement of antitrust law regulations and perform assessment of practices for restriction of competition, protection of consumer rights and issued related to combating unfair competition. We also elaborate compliance strategies to the same extent.


Our Clients’ interests are represented by us at all stages of the proceedings conducted before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and in courts.

Restructuring and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings are extremely complex. They are distinguished not only by multiplicity and complexity of legal regulations, but also by the fact they are designed to achieve specific goals. Efficient and safe conduct of bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding requires expert knowledge and experience.


Within this sphere, we offer legal advice to entrepreneurs at risk of insolvency and insolvent as well as entities which are their creditors. We offer legal counselling services and also handle all formalities related to opening and conducting the procedures. In a comprehensive manner we represent interests of our Clients in broadly defined negotiations and in courts.


Our experience shows bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings necessitate multidimensional and analytical approach. Interdisciplinary team of our specialists provides full legal support, also in tax and financial aspects of the conducted proceedings. We successfully combine continually broadened theoretical knowledge with practical activities.

Information Technology, Media, Telecommunication

New technologies play a significant role in functioning of every business which cares about maintaining market competitiveness. Therefore, attention to legal issues related to introduction and the use of new technologies is inevitable.


Specialists working in New Technologies Law Department in our Law Firm will provide the Clients from IT sector with comprehensive assistance. We ensure consultancy in matters related to contracts on computer system implementation, technology transfer, as well as intellectual property law and know-how.


The assistance we provide is unique for its understanding of the needs Clients in IT sector have, in all of its aspects. We value partner atmosphere of cooperation. Thus, the team of our lawyers keeps on extending its knowledge of new technologies – not only in strictly law-related aspects.

Employment and HR

Services related to the labour law are provided by us to employers. Our consultancy is fully comprehensive. We prepare all necessary types of contracts – such as employment, managerial contracts, contracts of mandate or agency contracts and other types of documents. We represent the Clients in court conducting disputes of individual and collective character. We also provide consultancy during mergers and acquisitions of employers.


Our specialists’ expertise allows us to offer our Clients unconventional solutions, distinguished by a high level of efficiency. Our lawyers support practical implementation of regulations necessary in every business, while safeguarding business aspects and maximum reduction of risk borne in case of inspection or litigation.


Our goal is not only to adjust methods of company’s operation to legal requirements, but also to improve its functioning in all aspects related to the labour law.

Data Privacy and Data Protection

Provisions regulating protection of personal data (including GDPR) apply to all entrepreneurs. Type of the industry or number of employees are not relevant. The issue of personal data is gaining importance in the context of recruitment processes, sale of goods or marketing operations, in other words, a number of activities undertaken in nearly all companies.


Our Clients are offered continuous support in reference to protection and lawful processing of personal data. We provide not only effective assistance in crisis situations, but most of all – implementation of a number of well-proven preventive measures which produce tangible business and image-related results.


In addition, we constantly monitor changing legislation, used to regulate processing of data protection indirectly or directly and support companies in efficient adaptation to those changes.  Regular care of due protection and processing of personal data is the only reliable method to conduct business in compliance with the requirements of Polish and European legislator.

Creators and the Art Market

The RKKW Law Firm combines the wide consulting, proceeding, and transactional experience with the unique knowledge of the Art Market. We cooperate closely with the Nova Ars Poloniae foundation, which promotes polish contemporary art in the polish and foreign markets. In our team we have specialists with an educational background closely connected to art and various art domains, which helps us to treat each case comprehensively taking into account all (not only legal) aspects. For us, the law itself is the Art, therefore we fully understand the passion for this field. We will do our utmost effort to ensure our Clients’ comfort and security in the actions undertaken.


Our support includes in particular:


Support of art dealers and art collectors


Lately, the Art Market enjoys even more popularity among investors. At the same time, it is still considered as the third most obscure market, after the drug market and arms trade. Our Law Firm comes across the expectations of art dealers and art collectors and offers consulting regarding the purchase, as well as the sale of art pieces.


We provide museums and art galleries with legal support regarding the development of their collections. We cooperate closely with the National Heritage Board and protection institutions. We advise on artists’ patronage and purchase of art pieces. We explain to our Clients how to avoid becoming the victim of fraud, but also how to protect their rights to the artwork. We claim their rights on the grounds of civil and criminal liability.


Protection of authors’ economic and moral rights


Lately, also because of the prompt development of technology, we may notice a significant rise of infringements of authors’ economic and moral rights of creators and other entitled entities.


We provide our Clients with support during the process of transferring economic rights by preparing the agreements and negotiating respective clauses. In the case of already made infringement, we take up the actions directed into abstention from infringements and obtaining damages.


We represent our Clients during mediation and amicable dialogues. In case of lack of agreement, we claim our Clients’ rights through the litigation process.


Commonly, the cases regarding this type of infringements are associated with the civil procedure, however, in our team we have lawyers specialized in criminal proceedings as well. We have successes in this area.


Legal service in the Art Market


Artworks are becoming a more attractive capital investments but at the same time, there are many infringements related to the market.

We provide complex legal services connected with the Art Market, including preparation of agreements, negotiation, and widely defined legal consulting. We are characterized by the professionalism and knowledge from not only legal perspective, but also connected to art itself.

Recently, the sector of the alternative capital investments goes through revolutionary changes which significantly influence the functioning of the Art Market and connected investments. It is of beneficial value to be aware of existing laws and obligations while participating in these sorts of transactions. With us everything is possible.

Energy and Natural Resources

We offer comprehensive support to energy companies and other entities operating within the energy sector. We provide services in all aspects of the activity, ensuring day-to-day advice, legal representation and representing our Clients before administration authorities.


For many years of our operations, we have provided services to a number of important energy market players in Poland and abroad. It allowed us to get thoroughly acquainted with the energy sector including its major problems. We are able to perform pin-point identification of areas in the energy company, where a continued support is required.


An ongoing search for innovative solutions which allow our Clients to minimise complications related to massive character of legal regulations covering energy industry, is an important aspect of the legal support we offer. It facilitates the process of risk management and allows for progressive building of competitive advantage.

Public Procurement

Partners and associates of RKKW Law Firm have an extensive practical experience within the public procurement law and private-public partnership. We ensure professional management and legal counselling at each stage – starting with preparation for the procedure or tender to representation during the appeal proceedings.


Our offer includes, for instance, all-inclusive preparation of the documentation and tender offers, drafting such contracts as contract of consortium and private-public partnership, as well as the analysis of compliance with the tender specification. We provide effective support both to entities applying for the award of public procurement contract (participants), and the procurer. Advisory services are provided taking into account organisational, legal and fiscal specification of a given entity. When undertaking cases related to public procurement law, we perform a thorough and multifaceted analysis.


Legal services within the range of private-public partnership are addressed to public entities (especially to local government authorities), as well as private partners (entrepreneurs), creating solutions based on PPP model.


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