Competition and Antitrust.

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Competition and Antitrust.

What sets us apart is comprehensive approach and thorough knowledge of our Clients’ industries. We not only advise how to proceed in situations, where infringement has already occurred, but also implement effective measures of prevention.

Jarosław Szewczyk, PhD

Partner, Attorney, LL.M.

Łukasz Sieczka

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Facing dynamic development of entrepreneurship, broadly defined antitrust law and protection of competition and consumer protection are issues of increasing practical significance. Within this sphere, we offer multifaceted legal advice, also covering implementation of appropriate preventive measures.


We perform all-encompassing assessment of our Clients’ business activities. We undertake precise identification of the risk of infringement of antitrust law regulations and perform assessment of practices for restriction of competition, protection of consumer rights and issued related to combating unfair competition. We also elaborate compliance strategies to the same extent.


Our Clients’ interests are represented by us at all stages of the proceedings conducted before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and in courts.

Main fields of activity:

  • Minimising legal risks resulting from regulations on competition and consumer protection;
  • Verification of the presented actual state for compliance with regulations related to competition and consumer protection; preparation of legal opinions and procedural strategies;
  • Comprehensive counselling and representation of the Clients during the procedures before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and in courts, including proceedings conducted in relation to obligation to obtain consent for consolidation;
  • Providing opinions on documents and preparing their drafts, especially as refers to commercial-type contracts (such as distribution, franchise, agency), requests for a binding decision on practices for restriction of competition and practices infringing collective consumer interests as well as letters required in course of the procedures;
  • Comprehensive services related to protection of business secrecy;
  • Analysis and development of clauses on commercial communication on-line and those related to processing of personal data;
  • Drawing up compliance programs in terms of competition law.

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