RKKW secures claim of payment of more than PLN 30 million in damages

29 December 2023

At the request of RKKW, the District Court in Wroclaw has secured our client’s claim for payment of over PLN 30 million in damages. This comes as an effect of seizing the defendants’ property rights and encumbering their real estates with obligatory mortgages.  

Our client is a minority shareholder in an infrastructure industry company. The other shareholders, who were also members of the management board, carried out a series of actions which resulted in a significant decrease in the value of the company as well as the entire corporate group to which it belonged. The transfer of the company’s assets and the simultaneous increase in its liabilities caused the value of our client’s shares to fall to almost zero.

Therefore, we filed a claim on his behalf against the remaining shareholders, among others, for payment of more than PLN 30 million in damages. We also sought to secure this claim for the duration of the main proceedings. Thus, we requested encumbering the defendants’ real estates with obligatory mortgages and seizing other property rights belonging to them.

The District Court in Wroclaw granted our request for security in its entirety. The decision is not yet final.

The RKKW team handling the case consists of attorney-at-law Maria Czaińska, attorney-at-law Konrad Oleszczuk, advocate Joanna Lewtak and lawyer Maciej Jankiewicz. Project is led by Karol Maciej Szymański – the managing partner.

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