Private Client and Private Wealth Law.

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Private Client and Private Wealth Law.

Legal issues related to succession in business shall be planned sufficiently in advance. We provide support in working out legal solutions that ensure our Clients their business will continue its operations and other personal matters will be properly secured.  

Karol Maciej Szymański

Managing Partner

Dr Radosław L. Kwaśnicki

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Jarosław Szewczyk, PhD

Partner, Attorney, LL.M.

Piotr Letolc

Partner, Attorney

Clients of our Law Firm are provided with professional assistance also in private matters. Both our Clients and also members of their families are supported by us within the broadly defined civil law, including the family law and other branches of the law, depending on a specific character of each case.


The area we specialise in the most is business succession along with all legal aspects related to secure transfer of business activity or partnership to members of the family. Sufficiently early implementation of succession operations allows family businesses to obtain such options as protection of private property which was built for years, further development, maintaining key personnel and protection of professional image. Lack of appropriate care of legal aspects related to transfer of a family business may even lead to its collapse.


Our Clients are supported in working our efficient solutions in order to transfer the company in a secure way and to ensure its further sustainable development.


The above includes, among other things, working on succession using the institution of a family foundation. The establishment of such a foundation is a multi-stage process that must be carefully planned to anticipate possible scenarios and exclude possible risks and disputes. For this reason, we offer comprehensive support not only for the establishment and registration of a family foundation, already at the stage of preparation for this process. We advise clients on determining the circle of beneficiaries of the family foundation, the goals of the family foundation, the benefits for the beneficiaries and the rules for their fulfillment by the family foundation, and, above all, the assets to be structured optimally from the perspective of operations and public law burdens.

Main fields of activity:

  • All-inclusive legal advisory services related to the law of succession – as for example refers to preparing wills or inheritance, and to preparing assets transfer plans, including the business, to the next generation;
  • Legal advice within the scope of the family law, including divorce and separation proceedings, and in relation to drawing up and reviewing matrimonial property contracts, also division of the assets owned in common by the spouses;
  • Assistance in relations with financial institutions and public administration organs, including for example revenue offices, and tax consultancy;
  • Comprehensive legal assistance in the context of broadly understood civil law, including protection of personal rights.

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