Restructuring and Insolvency.

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Restructuring and Insolvency.

It is the effect that matters in cases related to insolvency and restructuring law. We offer implementation of efficient actions supported by many years of experience, which allow our Clients to attain the desired results.

Łukasz Sieczka

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Jarosław Szewczyk, PhD

Partner, Attorney, LL.M.

Bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings are extremely complex. They are distinguished not only by multiplicity and complexity of legal regulations, but also by the fact they are designed to achieve specific goals. Efficient and safe conduct of bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding requires expert knowledge and experience.


Within this sphere, we offer legal advice to entrepreneurs at risk of insolvency and insolvent as well as entities which are their creditors. We offer legal counselling services and also handle all formalities related to opening and conducting the procedures. In a comprehensive manner we represent interests of our Clients in broadly defined negotiations and in courts.


Our experience shows bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings necessitate multidimensional and analytical approach. Interdisciplinary team of our specialists provides full legal support, also in tax and financial aspects of the conducted proceedings. We successfully combine continually broadened theoretical knowledge with practical activities.

Main fields of activity:

  • Advisory services covering bankruptcy law and law of reconstruction, and also out-of-court debt restructuring, to the benefit of debtors and creditors – including the banks;
  • Preparation of bankruptcy petitions;
  • Preparation of request for approval of composition, opening of composition proceedings (regular and accelerated), as well as curative procedure;
  • Representation of (bankrupt) debtors and creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring procedures;
  • Supporting Clients in terms of preparing, negotiating, approving and performing composition with creditors, also in developing restructuring plan (curative operations schedule);
  • Representation in negotiating terms and conditions of the contracts to obtain financing, including in particular facilities agreements.

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