Employment and HR

Services related to the labour law are provided by us to employers. Our consultancy is fully comprehensive. We prepare all necessary types of contracts – such as employment, managerial contracts, contracts of mandate or agency contracts and other types of documents. We represent the Clients in court conducting disputes of individual and collective character. We also provide consultancy during mergers and acquisitions of employers.


Our specialists’ expertise allows us to offer our Clients unconventional solutions, distinguished by a high level of efficiency. Our lawyers support practical implementation of regulations necessary in every business, while safeguarding business aspects and maximum reduction of risk borne in case of inspection or litigation.


Our goal is not only to adjust methods of company’s operation to legal requirements, but also to improve its functioning in all aspects related to the labour law.

Unsolved issues related to the labour law usually have negative effect on overall business of the company. Continuous support of experts is the guarantee of care for security and achievement of the pursued business objectives.

Main fields of activity:

  • Advisory services related to drafting, implementing, concluding or terminating employment contracts and other civil-law agreements (mandate, commission, agency;
  • Comprehensive counselling on organisation of working relations of management personnel, especially as refers to support in negotiating and drafting managerial contracts, including assistance in taking out civil liability insurance agreement by the managing staff (Directors & Officers – D&O polices);
  • Consultancy during mergers and acquisitions of employers, including restructuring and transfer of the enterprise to another employer;
  • Comprehensive advisory services in relation to collective labour law;
  • Client representation in labour law litigation.

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Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

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Partner, Attorney-at-Law