Creators and the Art Market.

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Creators and the Art Market.

„With us The Art is safe!”

Dr Radosław L. Kwaśnicki

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law

The RKKW Law Firm combines the wide consulting, proceeding, and transactional experience with the unique knowledge of the Art Market. We cooperate closely with the Nova Ars Poloniae foundation, which promotes polish contemporary art in the polish and foreign markets. In our team we have specialists with an educational background closely connected to art and various art domains, which helps us to treat each case comprehensively taking into account all (not only legal) aspects. For us, the law itself is the Art, therefore we fully understand the passion for this field. We will do our utmost effort to ensure our Clients’ comfort and security in the actions undertaken.


Our support includes in particular:


Support of art dealers and art collectors


Lately, the Art Market enjoys even more popularity among investors. At the same time, it is still considered as the third most obscure market, after the drug market and arms trade. Our Law Firm comes across the expectations of art dealers and art collectors and offers consulting regarding the purchase, as well as the sale of art pieces.


We provide museums and art galleries with legal support regarding the development of their collections. We cooperate closely with the National Heritage Board and protection institutions. We advise on artists’ patronage and purchase of art pieces. We explain to our Clients how to avoid becoming the victim of fraud, but also how to protect their rights to the artwork. We claim their rights on the grounds of civil and criminal liability.


Protection of authors’ economic and moral rights


Lately, also because of the prompt development of technology, we may notice a significant rise of infringements of authors’ economic and moral rights of creators and other entitled entities.


We provide our Clients with support during the process of transferring economic rights by preparing the agreements and negotiating respective clauses. In the case of already made infringement, we take up the actions directed into abstention from infringements and obtaining damages.


We represent our Clients during mediation and amicable dialogues. In case of lack of agreement, we claim our Clients’ rights through the litigation process.


Commonly, the cases regarding this type of infringements are associated with the civil procedure, however, in our team we have lawyers specialized in criminal proceedings as well. We have successes in this area.


Legal service in the Art Market


Artworks are becoming a more attractive capital investments but at the same time, there are many infringements related to the market.

We provide complex legal services connected with the Art Market, including preparation of agreements, negotiation, and widely defined legal consulting. We are characterized by the professionalism and knowledge from not only legal perspective, but also connected to art itself.

Recently, the sector of the alternative capital investments goes through revolutionary changes which significantly influence the functioning of the Art Market and connected investments. It is of beneficial value to be aware of existing laws and obligations while participating in these sorts of transactions. With us everything is possible.

Main fields of activity:

  • Support of art dealers and art collectors
  • Protection of authors’ economic and moral rights
  • Legal service in the Art Market

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