Information Technology, Media, Telecommunication.

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Information Technology, Media, Telecommunication.

Experience, orientation on continuous improvement and readiness to search for innovative solutions. These characteristics make us a reliable partner in matters related to new technologies.

Aneta Pankowska

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

New technologies play a significant role in functioning of every business which cares about maintaining market competitiveness. Therefore, attention to legal issues related to introduction and the use of new technologies is inevitable.


Specialists working in New Technologies Law Department in our Law Firm will provide the Clients from IT sector with comprehensive assistance. We ensure consultancy in matters related to contracts on computer system implementation, technology transfer, as well as intellectual property law and know-how.


The assistance we provide is unique for its understanding of the needs Clients in IT sector have, in all of its aspects. We value partner atmosphere of cooperation. Thus, the team of our lawyers keeps on extending its knowledge of new technologies – not only in strictly law-related aspects.

Main fields of activity:

  • Developing and negotiating contracts on implementation of computer systems (using waterfall and agile methodologies), software development contracts, service contracts, contracts on maintenance of computerized systems and other agreements concluded by entities operating in new technologies industry;
  • Comprehensive legal consultancy on transfer of technologies and commercialisation of intellectual property rights (licence contracts, copyright transfer contracts);
  • Drafting templates of agreements used in the course of conducted business activity by companies in new technologies sector;
  • Drafting templates of agreements used in the course of conducted business activity involving electronic means of communication (regulations for provision of services, price lists);
  • Consultancy in developing and implementing personal data and information protection standards.
  • Conducting audits to determine level of protection of intellectual property, know-how and business secrecy in a company;
  • Development and implementation of strategies related to protection of intellectual property, business secrets and know-how in a company;
  • Assistance in negotiating and preparation of research and development contracts;
  • Advisory services related to obtaining EU funds and subsidies for investments incurred for innovations;
  • Representation in all types of proceedings before the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection;
  • Assistance in disputes and court procedures related to intellectual property rights and execution of contracts in IT sector.

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