Real Estate.

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Real Estate.

Our aim is to enable successful completion of the investment process and full achievement of business goals set by our Clients. All-comprehensive approach allows the Clients of our Law Firm to get fully concentrated on the development of their business.

Marcin Jasiński

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Krzysztof Wróbel

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

We ensure professional advice in real property trade and investment processes. Our Clients are assisted by us from the stage of investment strategy development up to its effective completion and settlement of undertaken investment assumptions.


Our team’s reach experience enables us to provide efficient support of investment processes and real property transactions. We have successfully assisted the Clients through multi-million investment processes on numerous occasions.


We provide assistance in purchasing individual properties as well as for example all real property portfolios. We also support Clients in housing and office investment processes, providing comprehensive advice already at the stage of negotiations. Again, we draw up reliable, multifaceted legal opinions for the purpose of purchasing or financing real properties, with which our Clients acquire valuable knowledge on not only legal but also market-related aspects of the investment.


Advising in cases related to legal aspects of urban and spatial planning also constitutes an important element of our offer. We also conduct broadly-defined administrative proceedings in the context of the investment process.

Main fields of activity:

  • Legal services related to transactions on real property market, especially acquisition of individual properties and property portfolios, rental of office and warehouse space;
  • Comprehensive assistance in regulation of legal status of a property (restitution claims, court proceedings over acquisitive prescription, dissolution of co-ownership);
  • Legal aspects of urban and spatial planning, including assistance in obtaining permissions and administrative decisions (rezoning, planning permission and building permit);
  • Due diligence examinations (legal audits) of a property (commissioned by the investor or the seller);
  • Preparation of legal opinions for the purpose of real property purchasing and financing, to secure the investment or financing;
  • Legal support of property financing – negotiating loan, credit facility, guarantee and other agreements, depending on the needs.

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