Grzegorz Matejczuk


Attorney, 2009
Full-time court traineeship completed with a judge’s exam, District Court Warszawa-Praga in Warsaw, 2008.
Postgraduate Tax Studies, Warsaw School of Economics, 2015


ORA (Council of the Bar) in Warsaw
Deputy Chairman of the Public Procurement Law Section at the Council of the Bar in Warsaw
Polish Public Procurement Association
Associate member of the Local Government Appeals Court
  • specializes in public procurement law, civil law, commercial law, and administrative law
  • provides current legal services to commercial law companies
  • has over 10 years of experience in public procurement, including cooperation with contractors and contracting authorities in, among others, IT, medical, defense, construction, sectoral, road maintenance and design procurement
  • represents contractors and contracting authorities in the National Chamber of Appeal and courts, including in cases of disputes related to contract performance and contractual penalties, as well as in administrative courts on matters involving financial corrections
  • advised in dozens of public procurement procedures for deliveries, services and construction work worth hundreds to millions of zlotys
  • conducts public procurement procedures on behalf of the contracting authority’s attorney, including experience in serving as chairman and member of the tender committee
  • represents contractors and contracting authorities in negotiations, and advises, as an expert, on complex public procurement procedures
  • analyzes tender documentation in terms of risk, securing Client’s interests and using available legal remedies
  • trainer and coach in the field of public procurement, speaker and participant in industry conferences
  • has several years of experience in jurisprudence as a former member of the National Chamber of Appeals, examining appeals in public procurement cases

My specializations