The priority of RKKK Law Firm is a long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and good knowledge of the needs of our clients. Thereby we can both solve immediate problems, prevent problems and co-create future strategy.

Individual approach of our Firm and close contact with our clients allows us to move away from the so-called "common schemes" in providing legal assistance. This goal is easier to achieve by entrusting the Firm current (fixed) legal services. This model of cooperation ensures that - beyond the acute issues – the firm constantly monitors the client's legal situation and immediately informs of the need to take certain actions (e.g. due to changes in the law, obligations related to exceeding a certain threshold [e.g. trading] etc.) by the client.

Areas of expertise

Corporate Disputes

We offer comprehensive legal support in conducting complex corporate disputes for both the company and minority shareholders. We advise on the defence against hostile takeovers and corporate blackmail as well as other business objectives of our clients. We have extensive experience, for example, in the appeal against the resolutions, conducting proceedings before the registry court, the Financial Supervision Commission, in disputes relating to the liability of the members of the company governing bodies.

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We provide advisory services on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for international capital groups and reputable foreign entrepreneurs as well as for the largest Polish public companies. We also serve private investors and investment funds, both at the level of exchange transactions and private equity investments.

We provide legal support for both the seller transactions ranging from the stage of "pre-transaction" preparing the company or assets held for sale and the buyer in the examination of the transaction’s subject (due diligence). Our services include preparation and negotiation of contracts of purchase equity interests or assets (SPA), obtaining appropriate corporate and public approvals until the closing of the transaction.

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Company Law

We provide comprehensive advisory services in the operation of commercial companies. We provide legal support for the restructuring of companies and in the preparation and negotiation of agreements with partners / shareholders. We advise on the development of holding contracts and cooperation agreements for capital groups.

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Capital Market

We provide legal consultancy services in the field of capital market law in the form of current legal service of public companies, in particular with regard to the company's communication with investors and the market, information duties of public companies as well as services in the field of  organizational restructuring of groups of companies with a view to streamline their business. 

We support companies in the process related to the admission of shares to the organized trading system operated by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw, including legal assistance in the preparation of prospectus or information memorandum relating to the public offering of shares, as well as carrying out activities aimed at conversion of stocks into paper form and withdrawing them from the public market (delisting).

We represent the interests of our clients before the Financial Supervision Commission, the National Depository for Securities and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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Real Estate and Investments

We provide legal service in any transactions on the real estate market, in particular acquisitions of individual real estate  as well as real estate portfolios, lease of office space or warehouse premises, residential investment / office (land acquisition, investment process, commercialization), negotiation of leases (offices, warehouses).

We also deal with issues related to the legal aspects of urban planning and spatial zoning and administrative proceedings related to the investment process. We also carry out due diligence and prepare legal opinions for both the acquisition and financing of real estate.

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Intellectual Property

We advise renowned domestic and foreign entrepreneurs from different sectors (e.g. media, information technology, food, cosmetics, textiles, automotive, etc.) in terms of the widely recognized intellectual property rights in particular in the field of protection of industrial property rights (trademarks patents, industrial designs and utility), copyright protection, unfair competition, protection of personal data and the protection of personal rights.

We offer comprehensive legal services aimed to support clients at every stage connected with the protection and infringement of intellectual property rights, in particular in the field of drafting and negotiating license agreements, copyright transfer agreements or asserting claims connected with their infringement.

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Agreements (Contracts)

Within the framework of the advisory services related to the law of contracts (contracts) we offer comprehensive legal services to support clients in the negotiation process dealing with business conditions of the contract, contract preparation and securing its implementation also in a court.

In order to ensure comprehensive advisory transactions we also offer support in obtaining tax, financial, business and technology advisors.

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Court Proceedings and Arbitration

We comprehensively advise in disputes and protecting the rights of clients before the courts. We provide assistance from the inception of the dispute to its definitive settlement and effectively enforce the rights of clients. We assist in preparation for the dispute, select the appropriate means to achieve the objectives set and use them in a way that will provide the greatest protection of clients’ interests.

We provide legal representation in cases in the field of company law unfair competition, energy law, compensation, violations of personal rights, insurance and many other areas of law. We successfully represent our clients in proceedings before courts of arbitration, common courts of law, administrative courts and Supreme Court. With our support, we also manage to successfully lead to the conclusion of the settlement, ending long-term disputes.

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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

As part of the counselling related to bankruptcy law and corporate debt restructuring, we provide comprehensive services to debtors and creditors in the context of the ongoing participation in bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy  arrangement.

We also provide consultancy services in the conduct of out of court debt restructuring of enterprises and individuals.

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Labour Law

We provide legal support in litigation of labour law, collective bargaining and in negotiations and construction of work contracts , management contracts, collective agreements, service contracts or agency.

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Criminal Law

We provide consulting services in the field of widely understood criminal law and executive criminal law with specific regard to economic criminal law ("white-collar crime"), including financial affairs and responsibility of members of the company’s governing bodies. In order to ensure a comprehensive consultancy our Office also provides estimation of the risk connected with the projects in the field of criminal law and analysis of the use of criminal law by other entities as an element of competition

We provide legal assistance at all stages of criminal and criminal-tax proceedings before courts and authorities and in preparatory proceedings (including attorney of a private prosecutor, auxiliary and civil plaintiff).

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Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership

We provide comprehensive legal services in matters related to procurement, including the preparation of tender documents as well as offers. We develop consortium agreements and contracts, public-private partnerships as well as explore the possibility of meeting the conditions of the contract . We cater to both  procurement applicator (participants) as well as the authorities.

In order to ensure a comprehensive advice on the matters of procurement we provide support of tax, financial business, technical, and environmental advisors.

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Public and European Law

We provide comprehensive consulting services in the field of broadly defined administrative law (including antitrust and energy) and the European law.

Extensive international experience enables us to effectively represent the interests of our clients before i.a. the European Commission, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, President of the Office of Energy, General Inspector for Personal Data Protection, Patent Office, the Energy Regulatory Office, Treasury Offices and Chambers, Higher Mining Office, Ministries, in particular: Finance, Home Affairs, Administration and Digitization, the Treasury, the Environment, National Board of Appeal, Financial Supervision Commission, Warsaw Stock Exchange and foreign exchange, the National Depository for Securities and foreign deposits.

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European Funds and innovation financing

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in matters relating to the acquisition, use, programming, implementation and control of the structural funds and the Cohesion Fund as well as the European rural development fund. We assist both entities applying for support or already implementing projects as well as local authorities and public entities.

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Personal matters

Apart from providing a wide range of legal support to our business clients we also meet the challenges of everyday affairs. RKKW Law Firm’s clients and their family members can count on  comprehensive legal advice also in the area of private and family law.

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Environmental Law

We offer comprehensive legal services for the regulation of environmental law. We support clients during the conduct of investment processes, capital transactions and acquisitions (sales) of assets as well as during the current economic activity that affects the environment.

We show environmental risks and propose optimal solutions as well as recommend corrective action scenarios that protect the client's interest. 

We represent our clients before the environmental authorities and in court proceedings in cases involving violation of environmental law.

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