RKKW Law Firm has a status of an entity entered on the list of Authorized Advisors of Alternative Trading System of NewConnect and Catalyst.

Our main goal is to support the Client in obtaining necessary financing for development of its business activity. We advise actively on determining capital needs and identifying optimal possibility to raise financing on the capital market.

Within the department, there advise Certificated Advisors of Alternative Trading System:

As regards corporate finance services the department is actively supported by Professor, Oskar Kowalewski, Ph.D.

The role of an Authorized Advisor on the NewConnect and Catalyst market relies in the first place in taking actions aimed at preparing the issuer for carrying out his offer of securities as well as for his functioning on the capital market. After introducing financial instruments onto the NewConnect or Catalyst market, the task of an Authorized Advisors is mainly to support the issuer as regards execution of information duties as well as providing an ongoing advice about the functioning of financial instruments on the capital market.

As an Authorized Advisor of NewConnect and Catalyst we offer the following services:

  • valuation of the company and the project
  • preparation of financial analyses, including optimization programs and business plans
  • analysis of optimal source of financing
  • providing legal advice with respect to transformation of the company into a joint stock company or a limited-joint-stock company
  • preparing documentation for a joint stock company or a limited-joint-stock company with particular focus on the status of a public company as well as the protection of the rights of the current shareholders
  • conducting due diligence of the company
  • identification of the most suitable structure of transaction
  • preparing documentation necessary to obtain external financing
  • providing legal services connected with the process of introducing the shares onto the NewConnect or Catalyst market
  • conducting internal training with respect to regulations being in force on the NewConnect market with particular emphasis on the information duties and the intended amendments in this area
  • current advisory with respect to the company’s functioning on the NewConnect alternative trading system as well as to its fulfilling of information duties after the first day of the shares’ quotation.