Environmental protection

As a result of continually growing ecological awareness of the society and the legislator, environmental law is an increasingly developed branch of the law. Entrepreneurs, who are planning to commence capital-intensive investments should begin with the evaluation of environmental requirements and risks related to the undertaking.


We offer complete legal counselling services covering environmental protection laws. We support Clients who are executing investment projects, capital transactions and acquisition (sale) of assets. We remain at your unlimited disposal also in the course of carrying out current commercial operations which affect the environment.


Our legal assistance begins with in-depth identification of environmental risks. We suggest implementation of optimum and verified preventive measures which preclude occurrence of violations. Whereas, in crisis situations we recommend corrective action scenarios that will contribute to protect the Client’s interest to the fullest possible extent.

Focus on issues related to environmental protection at a sufficiently early stage of the project or investment execution is essential. We support our Clients in selecting optimum legal solutions – beneficial for the company and safe for the environment.

Main fields of activity:

  • Advice covering environmental law in the process of planning and execution of the investment projects; evaluation of requirements and risks in terms of environmental law conditions of the scheduled project;
  • Assistance related to environmental aspects of the investment process, particularly as refers to the necessity to perform environmental impact analysis of a given project;
  • Verification of legal and environmental risks of acquisition and merger transactions of business entities, purchase of companies and separate assets;
  • Due diligence enquiries and participation in negotiations as well as legal assistance while drawing up transaction documentation in the context of environmental issues, including in particular consultancy on mechanisms that would exclude or reduce the risk of potential liability of the client for environmental damage caused by a third party (contractual clauses, structure of the transaction);
  • Representation in administrative proceedings (judicial and administrative) and court procedures in matters related to environmental law.