Agreements – contracts

Contract law is a wide branch of the legislation which requires specialist knowledge. Apparently insignificant details may be decisive in determining if a contract will serve its function and ensure the company is capable to implement the project with success. It is therefore worth first of all taking care of legal security in undertaking a large-scale project.


Due to practical experience gained by our experts, we can offer support in concluding contracts, in such areas as civil, economic and commercial law. We assist at each stage of execution of the contractual subject. Our support covers negotiations of business terms and conditions, comprehensive drafting of contracts and supervision over their due performance. Should there be any problems impossible to solve amicably, we represent our Clients in courts of all instances.


What sets us apart is comprehensive approach to the contract law. Our aim is to ensure the Clients can take advantage of legal security. Therefore, we always seek for unconventional, practical solutions. We also pay attention to implementing applicable prevention measures, securing efficient performance of provisions in the contract.

Professional contract, developed with concern for business aspects and prevention, is the guarantee of safe completion of the implemented undertaking.

Main fields of activity:

  • Legal counselling related to contracts within the broadly defined civil, economic and commercial law;
  • Preparation and negotiation of banking and financial law contracts, including facility agreements and security documents (trust agreements, pledge agreements, establishing mortgages, acceptance of enforcement, bank and corporate guarantees, etc.);
  • Extensive legal services covering preparation of the transaction, negotiating business terms and conditions of the contract, preparation of the draft and securing performance of the contract;
  • Verification of due performance of contractual obligations.