• comprehensive advisory services for permission of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection or the European Commission to carry out mergers, acquisitions or the acquisition of assets
  • assessment of conformity of activities undertaken by entrepreneurs with the antitrust laws (including the legality of the concluded agreements, consultancy pricing policy)
  • representation of entrepreneurs in proceedings before the European Commission, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, President of the Office of Energy, General Inspector for Personal Data Protection, Patent Office, the Energy Regulatory Office, Treasury Offices and Chambers, Higher Mining Office, Ministries in particular: Finance, Interior, Administration and Digitization, the Treasury, the Environment, the National Board of Appeal and the Financial Supervision Commission
  • representation of entrepreneurs before the Warsaw Stock Exchange and foreign exchanges and the National Depository for Securities as well as before foreign deposits
  • representation in proceedings before courts of competition and consumer protection and administrative courts of all instances

Specialists "Public and European Law"

  • Advocate, LL.M. dr Jarosław Szewczyk