• monitoring programs and aid measures (verification of fulfillment by the applicants of the criteria for actions, review of premises for granting public aid, determining the status of a beneficiary for the purpose of applying for funds)
  • securing financing (drafting grant applications and attachments thereto)
  • assistance in the implementation of co-financed projects (service in the area of reconciliation and payment, evaluation of conformity of contracts with the project; assistance in dealing with managing institutions with regard to, amongst others, audit findings, deficiencies, project modifications)
  • representation of beneficiaries and institutions involved in the implementation of operational programs in appeal proceedings and judicial proceedings relating to European funds (amongst others, proceedings regarding negative evaluation, funds reimbursement procedures, payment reduction, payment refusal)
  • opinions on draft decisions, decisions on reimbursement of funds / financial corrections
  • preparation of legal opinions on selected issues of Community law and domestic legislation on European funds
  • opinions on the conformity of contracts implemented by the institutions involved in the implementation of the operational programs with the domestic and Community public procurement laws
  • preparing and reviewing draft legislation as well as system documents related to the distribution of EU funds

Specialists "European Funds and innovation financing"

  • Advocate Aleksander Szalecki