• comprehensive legal services in the field of capital market law in the form of current legal service of public companies in particular legal advice on communication between the company, its investors and the market as well as discharge of disclosure and reporting duties by public companies under the Act on Public Offering and conditions governing the introduction of financial Instruments to organized trading system and on public companies, as well as the restructuring of the organizational structures of groups to optimize business
  • legal advice on stock admission into the organized trading system of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, including legal assistance in the elaboration of IPO prospectus or information memorandum related to the public offering of stocks as well as conversion of stocks into paper form and their delisting 
  • advisory services on preparation for and launch of the process of splitting or assimilation of public company stocks 
  • legal advice on hostile and friendly takeovers (also including reverse takeovers) on the public market, in particular defence against hostile takeover attempts 
  • transaction advisory services relating to financial instruments admitted to trading on an organized market, including purchase and sale of shares in public companies, public calls for the sale or exchange of shares and assistance in the discharge of notification duties, as well as preparation of due diligence reports and elaboration of the schedules and comprehensive implementation of trading in major blocks of shares in private and public companies 
  • developing and overseeing implementation of buy-back programs, also for the purpose of incentive programs or for other purposes related to their further resale with the use of financial instruments (including, amongst others, options, subscription warrants, bonds)
  • representing issuers before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), the National Depository for Securities (KDPW) and the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW)

Specialists "Capital Market"